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staple 4

Restful Luxury: Staple Bed by Richard Lambert

Looking for a beautiful bed that is also multifunctional? The Staple bed by Richard Lambert is a great choice. Unlike regular beds, it offers not just one function but many. It provides true comfort and a lot of flexibility. The bed is designed by Alexander Seifried and comes with a bedding box and a bed sack. The bed sack offers excellent storage for your bedding. It has a zipper that creates a backrest and an arm when closed.


Staple Bed by Richard Lambert

Modern sofa bed


The Staple by Richard Lambert looks good in a child’s room or a guest room. During the day, it functions as a sofa and at night it functions as a bed for one. It can also transform into a double and accommodate two people. To make a double bed, lift up one of the sections and place it next to the other. You can create two separate beds or a double whenever you want. As a double bed, it doesn’t have funny gaps but looks just like a regular bed. The two singles make a perfect fit and can accommodate impromptu guests. The design comes in a range of cool colors including white, red, and black.


single bed design

modern sofa bed


If your child likes to have sleepovers with his friends, this is a perfect design for him. As he grows, the couch will change to accommodate his growing needs. He can even take it with him when he leaves for college or to start a new life. Can you envision resting your cares away in the Staple bed in your bedroom?

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