Retro-Futuristic Design: The Moon Chair by Tacchini

Is your home in need of a stylish furniture piece? Why not get the Moon Chair by Tacchini? It is built using ultramodern technology and boasts a highly distinctive design. The retro-futuristic design makes it the perfect addition to your modern setting. It has a swiveling shell that allows you to multitask while seated. It offers a comfortable seating experience any time of day. It perfectly fits your body contours and provides maximum comfort. The accent seat comes in a range of colors to suit different tastes and preferences.


moon chair by Tacchinni

Tacchinni furniture design


The Moon Chair is designed by Pietro Arosio for Tacchini. The designer paid a lot of attention to detail when designing this piece of furniture. He frequently collaborates with manufacturing engineers to research and generate new materials and technologies. This time around, he has utilized a special process to join the frame of the chair to the seat. Tacchini’s furniture upholstery is attached to its seat and is part of the frame. The furniture is made from compact polyurethane and has a shiny polyurethane paint finish. It has a stainless steel base that makes it strong and durable.


designer accent furniture


The graceful curves of the Moon Chair by Tacchini will grab everyone’s attention. The chair provides comfortable seating and does not take up a lot of visual space. It is designed for pleasure and will fit seamlessly with your décor. When looking for an elegant, stylish seating solution your family will love, look no further than the Moon accent seats. Where do you think the Tacchini’s seating solution will look most striking?

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