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Ribbon Stools Tie a Room Together Perfectly

With fresh, eye-popping colors and simple, summery lines, these bar ribbon stools from Capellini brighten your bar and add a burst of energy to the room surrounding it.  Made from folded laser-cut metal plate and lacquered in paint colors fresh from the produce aisle, they’re available in two sizes; 17.25” high ($552) and 30.75” high ($871), both with a 14.75” seat diameter.  A related line available from the same manufacturers includes primary-colored stools with matching metal Mickey Mouse ears on the back – perfect for a child’s room or Disney-themed home theater.  ABC Home promises a white glove delivery process – fitting, since the original line of stools are as cute and dainty as an Easter basket, and it seems only appropriate that the Disney-inspired line be delivered as if Cinderella had ordered them herself.

blue metal stool

yellow metal stool

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