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The MiCoffee Maker by Carlos Marquez

Rise & Shine: 5 Awesome One-Cup Coffee Makers

Thanks to a certain Seattle-based juggernaut that shall not be named, the tiny little coffee bean has become quite the mighty commodity in the modern marketplace.  We’ll readily shell out as much money for a flavored espresso drink as we will for a sandwich or a gallon of gas, which can seem a little silly in light of the broad range of awesome one-cup coffee makers that have sprung up over the past year or two.  Today’s roundup highlights a handful of sleek single-serve coffee and espresso makers — one in particular custom-brews your beverage based on your fingerprint, while another uses the bar codes on its pods to tell it which kind of drink to make.  These smart personal One-Cup Coffee Makers get you up and at ’em in no time flat for a fraction of the time and cash you’re spending on your way to work, and with the pop of a pod and the flip of a switch, they reintroduce the smell of java into your kitchen first thing in the morning.  That’s something to rise & shine for.


Rise & Shine: 5 Awesome One-Cup Coffee Makers



one cup coffee maker



keurig machine



white one-cup coffee maker



fingerprint coffee machine


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