5 Room Divider Ideas for a Home

A good room divider can serve many purposes.  It can be an easy way to give a roommate some privacy or for sectioning off a room.  It can also be used as a backdrop or a decoration.  There are many kinds of room dividers and the right one can even be a focal point in a room.  Original folding room dividers were from China and very ornate.  Today, they can range from very simple and functional to very beautiful and ornamental.  An added bonus is that they can also be portable and move from room to room depending on where you need them.  There are a plethora of divider choices including unique dividers, platform dividers, traditional dividers, hanging dividers, and room dividers giving a pop of color.  They are all sure to set you apart from the competition and give your rooms a bit of privacy. Take a look below and consider the possibility for using room divider ideas for a home.

Unique Room Dividers

 These unique dividers are made from stainless steel and are thinly woven to achieve an elegant and light look.  There are endless possibilities for patterns to be made.  These can also be used not only as a chic room divider but as a piece of art.

Room Divider Ideas for a Home


Platform Room Dividers

Sticks room dividers are great for sectioning off while still being able to see what’s going on in the background.  This saves the room from looking too small.  There are different sizes of Sticks dividers, for bigger or smaller rooms, or you can bundle multiple colors for added interest.  Sticks “Enlightenment” offers a unique divider because there are lights at the bottom to reflect off of the sticks for a sophisticated look.  These can even be integrated into an office design.

Platform Room Dividers


Since the room divider originated in China, choosing a wooden, bamboo, or intricately paneled room divider is always a good choice.  It is used here as a headboard motif and is also versatile for various other décor options.

Traditional room divider

Hanging Room Dividers

Hanging dividers are a great idea for a more modern looking divider.  They can be made of many materials and be heavy or light depending on your goals for the room.  They can be bundled for full closure or singled to give the illusion of privacy.

Hanging Room Dividers

Colorful Room Dividers

Your room divider doesn’t have to be so traditional and stiff.  In fact, this red floral cutout divider is made of rubber and gives a splash of color to an all white bathroom.

Colorful Room Dividers

All of these room dividers not only offer you different ways to mount them, but are made from very different materials like stainless steel, plastic, wood, fabric, and rubber.  Divide your rooms in style!


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