XX Table from Glas Italia

Rose-Colored Glasses: The Jewel-Toned Coffee Table from Glas Italia

Ever a team of optimists, we have a tendency to look at the world through rose-colored glasses.  For those who’d like a literal opportunity to do the same through home furnishings, there’s the orange and pink tinted glass of the “XX” from Glas Italia.  The jewel-toned coffee table is comprised of two symmetrical Xs (hence the name), on top of which balances a single plane of glass. Looking impossibly ultramodern when set against a white background, the piece brings about a strong sense of emboldened femininity, the likes of which would appear perfectly at home in a Kate Spade showroom or a funky flat inhabited by an artist or designer in Soho or the West Village.  The 45-degree angles created by the double-X base provide a variety of configurations for shelving — in particular, a small selection of art books or glossy magazines would look effortlessly chic resting against the base panes.  Equally compelling whether it’s showcasing reading materials or simply standing bare with a vase of fresh cut blooms on top, this cool-yet-warm accent piece is the perfect finishing touch for any style maven’s fashionable abode.


The Jewel-Toned Coffee Table from Glas Italia


XX Table from Glas Italia


Photo credits: Glas Italia

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