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Scrabble-Inspired Pillows Give Geeks Sweet Dreams

There was some serious hullaballoo earlier this year over popular slang words that were allegedly weaseling their way into the Scrabble dictionary; although the game’s manufacturers ultimately held their sacred ground and refused to assimilate into the world of LOLs and OMGs, you can spell whatever you darn well please with these Scrabble-inspired pillows from Counter Couture Design.  Each 14″x14″ case is made of 100 percent cotton and mimics the typography and layout of the classic word game tile.  And for all you Scrabble geeks out there: yes – the numbers on the pillows correspond with the game’s actual point values in real life.  An undeniably cute housewarming or wedding gift when presented as a monogram or a matched set of the recipient’s first or last initial, the cushions can also add moxie to a room with a simple, satisfying collection of letters like “NAP” (5 points), “WOW” (9 points) or “ZZZ (30 points for the truly ambitious).  Whether or not anything counts as a triple word score is totally up to you. The pillowcases start at $19, with inserts sold separately.

scrabble pillows

scrabble pillow

scrabble tile pillows

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