LAX Series LB Dresser by Mashstudios
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Seamless Idea: LAX Series LB Dresser by Mashstudios

We all need somewhere to store our clothes. However, the cabinet is bought as an afterthought in too many bedrooms, an inexpensive piece that’s supposed to be temporary. This shouldn’t be the case as dressers are a key design force in the room. The best ones, like the LAX Series LB Dresser by Mashstudios, combine style and function and fit well with the rest of the space. The dresser is ideal for all of life’s stages and looks as good in a nursery as it does in a teenager’s room. It is a piece your family won’t outgrow and will give your clothes the classy home they deserve.


LAX Series LB Dresser by Mashstudios

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The LAX Series LB Dresser by Mashstudios is an unusual furniture piece bound to bring personality to any bedroom. It is highly versatile and can easily integrate into modern and traditional interiors. It is a great choice for those looking for a creative way to store their clothes. The dresser has 4 drawers with drawer fronts made of solid wood and wrapped in aluminum. The drawer fronts have an under mounted door slide and side finger pulls which create a clean minimalistic look.


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While your bedroom space typically dictates what you have room to store, a good dresser determines how much will fit and how tidy the area will look. If you have a minimalist design sense and plenty of clothes, get this drawer. It is completely unobtrusive and has smooth and unfussy details.  What do you think about the LAX Series LB Dresser?

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