Secret Movie Projection Area Also Doubles as a Neat Reading Area

Your passion for movies and books will be united by this particular room design. The TV screen you see in the first picture is actually a projection screen that will show you all your favorite movies. Behind it there’s a special room that hides a bookshelf filled with your favorite books and a projector needed to offer you all that movie rear-projecting you want. In order to create such a Movie Projection Area setup you’d need a pretty big room to accommodate that dividing projection wall and all the other elements needed for this home entertainment setup to work. Not to mention all the neat seating solutions required by both the multimedia section of the room and by the reading area.

Home Theater Concept 1.jpg
Home Theater Concept 2.jpg
Home Theater Concept 3.jpg
Home Theater Concept 4.jpg
Home Theater Concept 5.jpg
Home Theater Concept 6.jpg
Home Theater Concept 7.jpg
Home Theater Concept 8.jpg
Home Theater Concept 9.jpg
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