12 Shoe Organization Ideas to Improve Space Utilization

A great challenge is finding adequate room for clothes and accessories.  Shoes in particular can take up a great amount of space and not be easy to store efficiently.   Closets are not typically configured with that in mind.  Normally, there are hanging racks and scant else unless there are some built in drawers. Today we are featuring 12 shoe organization ideas with the hope that it provides inspiration about some sort of solution.  These designs run the gamut from custom designed under stairs storage to hanging racks to furniture solutions.    Some of these are not even in the closet, but found elsewhere in the home.  Enjoy the pictures and think about what might be possible to help your situation.

creative shoe organizers

inexpensive shoe organizers

larger shoe organizers

pull out show drawer

pullout shoe storage rack

shoe organizer chest

shoe storage chest

shoe storage rack

small shoe storage

under stair show storage

wall mounted shoe organizer

wall mounted shoe rack

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