Shoppers Should Ask About Furniture Store Delivery Fees

In my recent post about rising fuel costs and its impact on furniture prices I pointed out how retailers are trying to recoup some of their increased costs. What does that mean for the consumer? It means that you should always ask for the final DELIVERED price when considering a purchase.
I contacted several prominent furniture stores and asked them what it would cost to have a normal size sofa and matching chair delivered to my house. Delivery would be in the same city and not a far out of the way location. It was interesting what I discovered.

Ethan Allen – No delivery fee in the city; no minimum purchase required to qualify for no delivery fee
Pottery Barn – Delivery fee is built into the pricing for catalog orders so there is no additional fee. Items that the store has in stock can be delivered for $80 locally.
Restoration Hardware – A 10% cost is added to every catalog order as delivery fees. For a $2,500 sofa this is another $250!!
Thomasville – $90 flat fee for delivery anywhere in the city
Crate and Barrel – $69 flat fee for delivery anywhere in the city
There is a wide range of fees when comparing all of these retailers. The person I spoke with at Ethan Allen raved that there was no fee there and stated how much easier it made her job by not adding additional fees when trying to convince customers to make a purchase. A concern I notice is that when making a small purchase the delivery fee could greatly increase the cost of the furniture. Two barstools for example, may retail for $300 collectively, but a $50 delivery fee increases the final price by 17%. Hopefully, these retailers have a customer pick up option where you can pick up the pieces yourself to eliminate the extra charge.
The important thing to remember is to ask for the final delivered price when shopping for furniture and comparing prices between different furniture stores.