Should I consider buying a far infrared sauna

A far infrared sauna is no longer just something you see at your local health club. Far infrared sauna models are available today that can be installed right in your home. I have sat in saunas before, but cannot tell you if they were far infrared or not.
Technology is changing rapidly where items are available in homes that were not available many years ago. If they were available in the past, they were likely cost prohibitive. That being said, I think it is important to understand what a  infrared sauna is and what the current discussion is regarding its benefits to the human body.

There are lots of resources available that go into great scientific detail on what infrared is and how it compares to other types of rays. An easy way to understand it is that the sun gives off 80% infrared rays. Healers believe that infrared rays can penetrate the human body some 3-4 inches, without causing any damage to cells. Keep in mind that infrared rays are not UV rays which often cause burning. When the rays penetrate the body, they cause the body to excrete toxins into the blood stream that are released through sweat pores. The general feeling among proponents is that we live in an environment today where there are so many harmful agents such as fat-soluble toxins, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals. Reportedly, the manner in which a  infrared sauna works is much more effective in toxin release than what a human being can achieve through a good physical exercise work out. Opponents, on the other hand, state that there is no scientific data upon which to make such claims. From my personal experience, there have been times where I had a good sweat from a work out and believed that I ridded my body of agents that were not needed. This is just an opinion that I felt at that time and nothing that I can support scientifically.

I found a cool  sauna at High Tech Health. There are three sized models offered which can all fit in your home and run on normal power. I liked their use of hypoallergenic poplar wood in construction. Allergies affect so many people these days that any time you can combat that it is worth the effort. In conclusion, if you enjoy sitting in a sauna why not take a look at the far infrared models.

far infrared sauna