Shower Tiles – 14 Inspiring Designs and Patterns

Get away from boring shower tiles and think about doing better. Gone are the days where a statement cannot be made here and only a few options are available. Now you can create patterns with the use of colors and different sizes. These can be geometric or simply color based. Unique designs are the rage and it makes sense to have some fun in planning your bathroom space. Here are 14 ideas where each picture shows something different. Looking at these can be a great way to start thinking about what might work for you in a remodel or a new property.

bathroom tile design ideas

beige and black Shower tiles

grey and white shower tile

large shower with tiles

light bathroom shower tiles

marble shower tiles

multiple color shower tiles

natural brown bathroom tiles

purple shower tiles

shower tile designs

shower tile ideas

There is a great contrast in this example as you pan the room looking for bathroom floor tile ideas.   In this picture, the blend is great between the transition from the floor to the wall and then coupled with the granite of the countertops it really works.

shower tile pictures

small shower tiles

travertine shower tiles

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