Sleep Tight: 10 Grand & Gorgeous Beds

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Canopy Bed by Joseph Walsh

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Sleep is a precious commodity we can never seem to get enough of, so it stands to reason that the sleep we do manage to get should be as sublime as possible.  Today’s roundup of beds ranges from the dreamy opulence of the canopy bed by Joseph Walsh to the stark simplicity of The Min, aptly named by Design Within Reach.  There’s even a round bed from Guido Rosati for Saba Italia, since really, life’s too short to stay within the lines.  And with designs as bold and stunning as these, there’s no embellishment necessary where bed linens are concerned… note that in each of these photos, the set designers opted for plain white blankets, likely because perfection needn’t — and can’t — be improved upon.

Sleep Tight: 10 Grand & Gorgeous Beds



modern grey swoop bed



modern lacquered bed



modern white tufted leatherette bed



black tufted velvet headboard



rustic wood platform bed



round bed



minimalist bed



high-back headboard



ethan allen wrought iron bed


Adrienne bed found at Ethan Allen.