bird nest bed
Bird's Nest Bed by O*GE

Sleeping Soundly: 10 Dreamy, Creative Beds

Ah, sweet slumber.  Hopefully we all got enough shut-eye over our summer vacations that we’re feeling refreshed and ready to close out the last quarter of the year with all sorts of energy.  In case not, though, we’ve rounded up nearly a dozen creative beds — one of them quite literal in its nest-like qualities — in which to curl up for a quality snooze.  From the wacky yet cozy aesthetic of the nest bed by O*GE to the stark, minimalist Italian boldness of Andrea Lucatello’s creation, there’s something here for every style of bedroom.  Here’s to a season of sublime sleep and, hopefully, slightly cooler temperatures in which to enjoy it.

10 Dreamy, Creative Beds


criss cross bed


modern platform bed


iron nest bed


platform storage bed


rustic hanging bed


cantilever bed


rocking wood bed


surround sound bed


zipper bed


Floating Bed found at Anthropologie.

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