Slim and Stylish: Pickup Chaise Lounge by Tacchini

Ultramodern chaise lounge ideas are often distinguished by their shape which draws inspiration from other fields of study like architecture and art.  This great example refines conventional notions about ‘feminine’ chaises and ‘masculine’ recliners by combining both elements into one futuristic piece that defies stereotypes and gender roles.  Designer Pietro Arosio created the nearly invisible lines of the Pickup chaise from Tacchini.  The stunning example of contemporary minimalism in design is neither an overstuffed masculine recliner nor a plush and feminine chaise lounge.  In some ways it makes me think of a super thin massage table when looking at the layout of the room.


Pickup Chaise Lounge by Tacchini

Contemporary chaise lounge


The Pickup chaise lounge by Tacchini is an edgy, sharp, and versatile piece that can adapt to any room in the house while offering ergonomic comfort and support.  Don’t miss Arosio’s visionary addition to modern design. Atop sleek chrome runners, the reclining lounge perches so lightly it seems to hover off its frame.  In its fully-reclined position, the slim pewter cushion forms the classic ‘zero-gravity’ position that best supports the user’s legs, hips, back, and shoulders for total comfort and no stress points.  With a simple movement, the Pickup chaise locks into more upright positions in increments to match your desired position for reading, watching television, or just relaxing.


chaise design ideas


Its low-profile silhouette carries an understated elegance perfect for any place in the house, from an office or study to a living room or bedroom.   The gender-neutral styling adds a sophisticated edge as well as an innovative way to challenge the traditional molds for recliners and chaise lounges.  How will you recline in the Pickup chaise lounge?

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Pickup Chaise Lounge
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