Sling Patio Furniture Sets – 10 Great Ideas and Photos

Made with both metals and fabric acrylics, sling patio furniture sets have an easy, breezy feel that works well within outdoor scenes. And if you want something both simple and contemporary, you’ll want to find a full ensemble that works within the space you have outside and the vision you have in mind. Let’s take a look at 10 great ideas and photos that have both style and comfort, and hopefully provide you with some decorative inspiration.

armless patio chairs

Modern and versatile this cream and black combination is a great set for smaller spaces, apartment balconies or homes with a deep, contemporary vision in mind. It serves its outdoors purpose while still providing a very sophisticated, yet outdoorsy, ambiance. And it’s still very easy to stylize and personalized.

brown patio furniture

Here’s a more traditional set with a monochromatic finish. It’s a bit larger of a design in both table and chair which makes it a good choice for more open areas. It’s also braided making it a textural choice adding a bit more details and interest to this sunny spot.

colorful patio furniture

For a pop of color, check out this lime green, casual set! You get not only a pair of chairs but a coffee table and patio sofa as well. This is great for adding color to the pool area and livening up a barer, outdoor space. This is perfect for a family, adding personality and playfulness to the most fun area of the house!

good looking patio furniture

With a spin on the usual chair shape, this set bring about a more formal feel to your outdoor space. If you’re needing outdoor furniture away from the pool and underneath some shape for entertaining needs, this may be just the right pick for you. And the neutral finish makes it even more versatile and style-friendly.  This product needs more protection and is better suited for being out of rain and sunshine.

low back patio chairs

Loveseat and chair combinations make up this funky, yet functional set. We love the unique navy and camel-colored pairing making it work for the outdoors but also pop with fashion-forward energy and pizzazz. Another great feature is the mesh on the upholstery.  Its design is focus on maximizing air flow which in turn will keep a person cooler.  We also love this space as it overlooks the waterfront, as the blue hues compliment it perfectly!

modern mesh patio chairs

Here’s one of the most trendy and eclectic of our selections, and we’re in love! The hazey gray tone is the perfect way to mix and match a variety of colors and patterns without becoming too overwhelming. And the webbed finish is such a fun way to create unique style to your outdoor set. It’s something you don’t usually see inside the house, let alone in the great outdoors!

natural wood patio furniture

We’ve fallen completely in love with this stark contrast and super modern design. The black and camel pair is so funky, even without the slick furniture design the color duo would make this a winning choice. This is also a larger set making it great for big families and more spacious deck areas.

sliver patio furniture

Take a look at these extra-sloped back chairs! With this slight, feminine touch you get a slicker ambiance and posh appeal given to an unsuspecting area of the home. We’re used to seeing functionality over style when it comes to ideas, but with this set you get the best of both worlds.

super modern patio chairs

Totally contemporary and completely sleek, this sling furniture set is full of modern style, clean lines and posh personality. This is perfect for an ultra slick, urban apartment with a patio but also homes with small balconies or porch areas that have a minimalistic and futuristic feel in mind.

white patio furniture

These chairs have a chunkier design but they also have a bold energy about them as well. There’s a trio of material and tones being used here that make it an artistic design.

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Made with both metals and fabric acrylics, sling patio furniture sets have an easy, breezy feel that works well within outdoor scenes.