Solac Squissita PLUS CE4550 – Affordable Espresso Machine

Espresso drinkers or coffee connoisseurs will swoon over the Solac Squissita PLUS CE4550 (I know I am). This technology advanced espresso machine will not only brew you that perfect cup of coffee, but will look mighty fine in your kitchen or dining room. Available for less than 200USD, the machine features  built-into-filter double cream system and can be used with  different sizes of cups and coffee pods. Other enhancements include warming tray, super silent QSD technology, stainless-steel steam nozzle, stainless-steel boiler, and a DDS System that releases residual pressure. Finished in a striking titanium color, the Squissita PLUS is a good alternative to the daily jaunts to Starbucks!


modern espresso maker




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