Solo Storage Cube Comes With Plenty of Drawers

Remembering where you put your stuff will be terribly difficult once you get yourself the Solo storage cube designed by Franck Tawema. Not only is it beautifully conceived, and thus very interesting, but this design is pretty mind-boggling too (video available after the break). With 36 strategically placed drawers you’ll have a hard time getting used to your new storage setup. The cube combines drawers of different lengths that can be the perfect solution for your storage needs. The Solo would fit perfectly with a studio that need a touch of personality but since it doesn’t occupy that much space it would fit in any other kind of apartment too. And, as long as you have a great memory you could get a bunch of Solos and spread them around the house.

Solo Storage Cube 1.jpg
Solo Storage Cube 2.jpg
Solo Storage Cube 3.jpg
Solo Storage Cube 5.jpg
Solo Storage Cube 4.jpg

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