Space-Saving Design: Candy Sofa Bed by Bonaldo

Pink girls contemporary sofa bed
This Pink sofa bed is perfect for your girl's room

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Candy is a real feast for the eyes. It is a stylish bed with vibrant colors that creates a fairy-tale atmosphere. It is designed by Giuseppe Viganò for children and is a must-have for every family. Young ones will be delighted and captivated by its style. The sofa bed offers great seating during the day and transforms into a comfy bed at night. It is long enough to accommodate different sizes.


Candy Sofa Bed by Bonaldo

Cozy Sofa Bed design


Designed to meet your child’s needs for years to come, the Candy Sofa Bed by Bonaldo is truly unique. It boasts a look that will never go out of style and makes a perfect match for different types of décor. You can change your child’s bedroom to suit his or her tastes whenever you want without having to replace the furniture. The sofa bed is designed with safety and style in mind to give you a neat and functional room set up that reflects the tastes of the times. It creates a lovely, cozy space for your child. It is a space-saving piece that will delight many parents. The space under its frame can house a large container, two drawers, or even a second bed base.


pink sofa bed


Bonaldo is one of Italy’s most renowned furniture companies. It creates beautiful furnishings using quality materials and new manufacturing processes. Its ultramodern designs are timeless and look perfect in every setting. Candy is one of its exemplary pieces. It is beautiful, colorful, functional, and most of all modern.

Can you picture Candy in your child’s bedroom?