Spectacular Hand Blown Glass Chandeliers by Robert Kaindl

This must be chandelier week at Furniture Fashion but it’s hard to stop when the great pieces keep on coming. To me there is nothing more beautiful than hand blown glass, and after my visit to Murano glass in Venice Italy this past year I have a new respect for the gifted artisans that fashion each “one of a kind” piece. The passion and sweat that goes into each project is significant and the owner can proudly say they have an original. Here is a spectacular blown glass chandelier from Robert Kaindl of Kirkland Washington that would definitely add more than just light to your dining room. The naturally inspired shapes have a very smooth and elegant flow. Robert uses very vibrant colors to bring life to his outstanding creations which include nesting bowls, giant ostrea bowls, wall sea shapes, and he even does custom work. His works are very detailed and rival anything I saw in Venice!

Kaindl Art Hand Blown Glass Chandelier

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