french door shower stall
French Door Shower Stall via Peppermint Bliss

Squeaky Chic: 10 Contemporary Shower Doors

Few things in life are as rejuvenating — and sometimes downright life-affirming — as a phenomenal hot shower.  Particularly when surrounded by a crystal clean, pristine environment and the finest bath products the world has to offer, there’s just something both physically and mentally refreshing about cleansing away life’s stresses and starting anew.  Today’s image roundup involves ten ultra-chic contemporary shower doors, from upcycled French doors to seamless enclosures made of a single pane of curved glass.  The result in each case is stunning; whether it’s tucked into a corner or displayed in the center of an open space, each of today’s images is grand in its own squeaky clean, sophisticated way.

10 Contemporary Shower Doors


arched shower door


frameless shower door


laundry shower combo


LED shower doors


modern shower doors


glass shower enclosure


curved shower enclosure


oval glass shower


ultramodern shower enclosures


LED shower door found at Antonio Lupi.


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