Stainless Steel Japanese Ofuro Soaking Tub from Hammacher Schlemmer

Japanese Ofuro soaking tubs are a traditional wellness concept that relaxes one person in soothing hot water as part of a centuries-old daily bathing ritual designed to cleanse the body and calm the spirit. The walls of the traditional ofuro are high to allow the occupant to be fully submersed providing heat to the neck and shoulders which often hold stress and muscle tension. This stainless steel tub from Hammacher and Schlemmer has quality features including individually handcrafted construction in the U.S. of 14-gauge 304-grade stainless steel with 18% chromium composition, hand-buffed 3″ thick double-walled metal tub which warms quickly, and eighteen air jets built into the seat and sides to provide streams of water that massage and soothe. 71 1/2″ L x 48″ W x 45 1/2″ H. 500 lbs. Life Time Guarantee $20,000 Available Here
stainless steel ofuro soaking tubs

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