Staircase Storage Solution Comes to the Rescue of Small Homes

Your storage prayers have been answered, particularly if you live in a small home or apartment. The Staircase storage solution is a vertical shelf that has plenty of drawers for you to hide away your stuff that would otherwise clutter the already crowded space you live in. Since the shelf expands vertically rather than horizontally, the Staircase uses “minimal ground square meters” (that’s 55 x 74cm), not to mention that it looks good in the process. The Staircase is 2.6 meters high and therefore the bottom three shelves act as a staircase in order for you to reach the top shelves. Worried about safety? Well hold on that side railing there and you should be fine.

Staircase Storage Solution 1.jpg
Staircase Storage Solution 2.jpg

Staircase Storage Solution 4.jpg
Staircase Storage Solution 3.jpg