Staircase/ Bookcase Design Has a Double Personality

What do you do when you have too many books in print? You either get a Kindle in order to better manage your reading passion, or build yourself an out-of-the-box storage solution like the Staircase/ Bookcase design project in the images above. It’s one of the most efficient designs I’ve ever seen when it comes to storing book collections, but there are a couple of downsizes too when looking at this bookcase with a double personality. First of all you need a two-story house or apartment, otherwise building such a storage design will lose its second functionality and thus its coolness. But most importantly using the Staircase/Bookcase as an actual staircase might not be something you’ll want to do since inevitably, you’ll end up getting dirt on some of your favorite titles.

Staircase Bookcase 1.jpg
Staircase Bookcase 2.jpg

Staircase Bookcase 3.jpg