Stardust Sofa Glows in the Dark All Night Long

The Stardust Sofa in the image below is a 2-in-1 product perfect for your modern living room. On the surface it looks just like your average sofa, waiting to delight you with its comfortable touch. On the inside is where the magic happens: lots of LED lights that come to life at night so you don’t get surrounded by darkness when watching your favorite thriller movies. The Stardust couch and pillow is available to order and for $4,900 you’ll get it delivered to your house. The same manufacturer proposes matching Stardust floor pillows ($530 a pop) that also happen to glow in the dark all night long. Just make sure you plug that Stardust Sofa and pillows in once you get them!

Stardust Sofa Glows in the Dark All Night Long
Stardust Floor Pillow
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