Statistocrat Multi Light Floor Lamp by Moooi


We have seen some uber cool and very unusual creations from Moooi over the years and you may want to take a look to see what is new for this season. Some of the most visually dramatic shapes and colors comprise the collection of mostly modern and classic styles. The vast array of designers that have contributed to the collection are familiar names among the in crowd around the worlds hot spots and their show rooms in New York, London and Amsterdam are stunning to say the least. If money were not an issue I could see these guys getting really big but the true designer things are special for a reason.

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The Statistocrat Floor Lamp from designer Atelier Van Lieshout caught our eye because like most of the Moooi products it has an “I need that” look which in this case is nicely simplistic and understated. Every part is necessary and not in danger of getting dated or going out of style. So here is what you get. A torchiere top light that shines upward to illuminate nicely diffused light, two side lamps that are perfect reading and finally a nice little side table perfect for a tablet or your favorite beverage. The Statistocrat Floor Lamp is approximately 2 Meters High and uses 3 LED lamps using a total of 40 watts and is available in a wide assortment of colors over an all-aluminum construction. See the entire collection here.

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Statistocrat Multi Light Floor Lamp by Moooi
The Statistocrat Multi Light Floor Lamp by Moooi is a super modern light with multiple direction fixtures for maximum
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