Steampunk Vinyl Art & Wall Clock Kit Takes You Back in Time

Whether you’re into steampunk culture or not, this vinyl art & wall clock kit from Pillbox Designs is undeniably cool.  An affordable option when you need to cover a large wall with something notable but not too overwhelming, it’s basically a big, removable wall sticker of a vintage-inspired pocket watch, with a fully-functioning clock for mounting in the center.  Available in 24 colors, the decal can’t help but complement any room’s décor, and let’s be honest – isn’t it way more elegant than any digital clock could ever be?  The “watch face” portion of the decal is 23” across and 3” tall, while the “pocket chain” portion runs 23” x 24”.  The clock itself requires one AA battery (okay, so it’s not entirely steampunk in its purest sense – technicalities, schmechnicalities) and simple assembly. $54.99 + $10 shipping in the U.S. or $28 for international delivery.

peel and stick clock

vinyl wall clock