Stones Console 2
Stones Console 2

Stones Console Table by Hudson Furniture: Rustic Glamour

This glossy console table is a luxurious statement piece.  With its high contrast black lacquer and polished bronze finish it offers elegance that is by no means understated.  If you need a show-stopping drama, then the Stones console from Hudson Furniture is the right piece for your living room, foyer, or dining room.  Individual stone-shaped pieces are carefully balanced on top of each other to create a striking asymmetrical composition with a monolithic presence.  The result is a design that perfectly balances the organic elements of the freeform shapes with the sophistication of the bold color contrast and materials.


Stones Console Table by Hudson Furniture


It is a simple console but one packed with so many unique details in color, texture, and form that it is will certainly be a conversation starter as the natural focal point of any room.  Even without any additional accessories, the Stones console by Hudson Furniture is a true design centerpiece that can hold its own in a room all by itself.  With dramatic lighting and an elegant dining set, the Stones console adds just the right finishing touch for a breathtaking dining room. Yet with equal ease the design can stand as a solitary figure in a hall or foyer to greet guests with a sense of undeniable grace and luxury.

Rustic coffee table


Its versatility is based in the natural, asymmetric composition, which is simple enough to adapt to any space even with the bold materials.  This is one piece that you don’t want to miss, because there is no easier way to add that final touch of excitement that completes your room.  Where will you showcase the Stones console?

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