10 Spectacular Storage Platform Beds that Beautify a Home

I must say these ten storage platform beds are just spectacular, fresh and exciting.   Think about how much time we spend in a bedroom in our lives.  That’s all the more reason to have the perfect furnishings and room design so that you get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.   One challenge in having a great living space is keeping it organized.  In particular, using proper storage techniques and preventing clutter free can be a real challenge.  That is why I love these ten products in how they beautify a home and also keep it organized.

It’s so nice how this model lifts right up revealing a huge space underneath.  It’s great that there are not a lot of bars and levers that would cut into the storage area.  Bulky items like pillows are easily kept hidden away.

This example is definitely minimal in its style and construction.  You can see the storage drawer that is pulled out in the picture.  Typically, this type of decor is very sterile lacking lots of things that may make a room look encumbered.   The nice thing about this pull out is that it can be placed well underneath the frame and not be seen easily by the human eye.  This way it will look as there is nothing there unless someone looks very closely.

This idea really makes a point of showcasing the front legs making it look more traditional in how it is constructed and not as boxy.  The wooden bin is not quite the size of the whole frame, but offers a good amount of space for any belongings wished to be kept out of sight.

Hidden Compartment Underneath a Mattress

The way this product opens up is a bit different than the first of the storage platform beds in the list.  Rather than just being able to raise up one end, both ends can be raised up.  The subtle difference may allow you to place some larger items that need more room to fit into the space.

Zen Wooden Bed with Storage Underneath

This is a great natural wood stain example which has a large drawer for keeping things concealed.  The design is simpler than many shown and could really be dressed up with some decorative pillows with lots of color or some cool patterns.

The grain on the wood is just fabulous in the above suggestion.  Here there are two drawers which might be a solution for a his and hers space where a couple can each have their own repository for possessions.

A black leather frame is classic and will work in so many different contemporary room themes.   This is another lift up model.

Pull Out Drawers Built into Bed Frame

I really like how concealed the pull outs are in the above idea.  It really just looks to be part of the frame which is well concealed by the dark stain.

Storage Platform Beds that Beautify a Home

This is a nice cream bedroom set that features the color used throughout the room design.  I am fond of the book case against the far wall and all the different geometrical shapes.

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I must say these ten storage platform beds are just spectacular, fresh and exciting. Think about how much time we spend in a bedroom in our lives.
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