Ekornes Stressless Pegasus Reclining Loveseat

We have featured many products from the Ekornes Stressless line on our blog and will continue to do so, because their quality is top notch and the functionality amongst the best. These are not the cheapest products on the market, but you will be sure to enjoy the style and luxury of the line. Ekornes products are still made in Norway and have not been outsourced to South America or Southeast Asia. Here is the Pegasus reclining loveseat from the Ekornes Stressless line. Not everyone can fit a sectional or couch into their space and this is perfect for small spaces . This would be a nice compliment in an apartment or flat where space is limited. The fact that it reclines is an added bonus as it allows you to get more comfortable should you so choose. A nice loveseat can still offer that place where you can share your seat and enjoy the company of another. Available at Jensen-Lewis.

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