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Stunning Illumination: The Star Lamp by Baldi

The Star lamp from Baldi is the definition of a classic accent lamp.  It isn’t immediately a scene-stealing piece of bright colors or dramatic design.  The Star lamp is a more subtle and sedate way to increase the elegance of a room with high-quality details.  The heavy base serves as podium for the silver, crystal, and black lampstand, tall and tapered like an ancient Greek column with a simple fluted pattern.


The Star Lamp by Baldi

neutral taupe shade lamp


A neutral taupe shade converts a harsh light bulb’s rays into an even and muted glow, with enough to serve as a perfect reading light on a side table.  The Star lamp by Baldi is one that doesn’t grab attention right away, but rather gains your admiration and attention over time as you come to appreciate its understated elegance and glamour. As part of the silver and crystal Star collection for your living room, the Star lamp is just one part of the sophisticated look that can stand alone or be included with its matching serving trays and decorative accessories.


modern flair design

table accessories


The transitional styling hovers between Old Hollywood glamour and sleek contemporary lines, making the Star lamp extremely versatile and adaptable to different design schemes, just like the rest of the Star collection.  Let this design grow on you until you wonder how your living room could ever be complete without the finishing touch of glamour that the lamp brings to any console or side table.  Where will the Star lamp shine in your home?

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