Stylish & Chic Kitchen Islands


If you’re lucky enough to have a roomy kitchen with the space for an island, then use that to your utmost advantage. Make sure it’s stylish, chic and super functional. It’s the perfect way to prep for dinner, decorate Christmas cookies and even use as a place for entertaining. But, it’s sometimes a challenge to find kitchen islands that not only fits the functional check mark but the stylish ones too. Have no fear, we’ve found five that will definitely do the trick!

Stylish & Chic Kitchen Islands

Futuristic in style and feel, this white kitchen islands are unlike any other on the market. Use this piece as inspiration for your own custom design! It not only has storage but room for decorating and entertaining as well!

Modern Gray Kitchen Island

This one has an ease about it unlike other islands that are full of nooks, crannies, cracks and cabinets. Instead it’s chic, smooth and super fashion-forward. But, it’s also a quaint and beautiful place to grab breakfast, make breakfast and serve breakfast!

Modern Wood Kitchen Island

We love how this island combines modern edges, smooth lines and an edgy, rustic appeal. It has a bit of a hipster spirit and you will have tone of fun dressing up the spot just the way you like it. We even love the extra bit of storage in the front, where the family favorite cookbooks could find a home in!

Black and white furniture

We feel like this beautiful, glistening kitchen island combines all of the best accents. It’s stylish, it’s chic, it’s full of storage options and homey vibes. I’m not sure the mix of versatility and fashion could get any better than with this piece. We even love the stools that set off that comfortable, yet slick style.

furniture with Marble inserts

Marble and wood never looked better when paired together! Again, this is a great mix of styles on two ends of the spectrum, which makes a new and freshly modern  space. The contrast colors and texture make for a luxurious kitchen that you’ve been dreaming of.

all photos via Houzz

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Stylish & Chic Kitchen Islands