Stylish Storage: Prior Cupboard by Mascheroni

Forget what you thought you knew about cupboards from the last century. The designers at Mascheroni in Italy have a completely innovative take on where and how you use a cupboard in this new generation of storage.  The Prior cupboard hardly looks like a just a traditional dining room item, and in fact it was created with many different types of spaces in mind: from the dining room to the living room, foyer, or even an office or study.


Prior Cupboard by Mascheroni

Mascheroni luxury leather buffet


The Prior cupboard by Mascheroni features geometric angles with a long counter set on a slanted base that tapers inward for a lean, triangular look.  Three graduated front drawer are finished with slim chrome pulls, while a fourth “hidden” drawer with a crescent front slides in and out from underneath the countertop.  Two doors are cleverly incorporated into the sides for storing larger items out of sight.


luxury home furniture by mascheroni


If the shape of the Prior wasn’t unique enough, then the choice of materials certainly sets it apart as a contemporary piece.  Using the high-quality leather that Italy is famous for producing, the Prior is upholstered in your choice of over 80 colors and finished with chrome detailing.  This break from expected, traditional materials like wood, marble, metal, or glass is truly exciting and cutting-edge in home trends.  With a unique piece like the Prior, you will have a conversation starter anywhere you choose to use it as storage and style, in or out of the dining room.  What color of leather upholstery will you choose to personalize your Prior cupboard?

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Prior Cupboard
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