Such Great Heights: 10 Sweet Pieces of Loft Furniture

Lofts are tricky things.  There’s generally a teeny tiny amount of space in which to fit one’s entire life, and dimensions can be a bear of a challenge as well.  Luckily, there’s no dearth of smart loft furniture out there to make every square inch count.  From loft beds and sleeper sofas to a freestanding kitchen and a convertible desk that spends its unused hours occupying a spot on the wall no larger than the average decorative hanging, a little ingenuity goes a long way.  If all else fails, as celebrity interior designer Nate Berkus dictates, hang it from the wall or the ceiling to maximize space.  And thankfully, making it count is easy as can be with pieces like these.

freestanding kitchen
Freestanding Soria Kitchen by Vitor Xavier



loft storage bed
Boxcase Loft Bedroom Suite by Callesella



loft bookshelves
Built-in Bookshelves via Marie Claire Maison



loft desk
Fold-Out Convertible Desk via Solutions Dot Com



loft daybed
Jaidyn Daybed with Storage from Boston Loft Furniture



loft pendant lighting
Link SG Hanging Light from Ray Power



convertible loft sofa
Miss Convertible Sofa from Dune



loft lighting ideas
Modo Chandelier from Jason Miller



loft sleeper sofa
Niels Bendtsen Sleeper Sofa



loft storage on wheels
Portable Raskog Trolley from IKEA


Fold-up convertible desk found at Solutions.com for $199.

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