Super Slick, Modern Book Storage


Do you have oodles and oodles of books in corners around the house? Instead of stacking and throwing your collection aside, figure out a way to display and organize them in a stylish way. From bookshelves to bookcases, we’ve decided to share some beautiful inspiration on how to get it started. Take a peek at these super slick, modern book storage ideas!

Modern Book Storage Display

If you don’t have too many books or not enough space, try finding a space saver type of display case. This modern, slick case has a lot of storage space hidden throughout but it also acts as a super cool piece of artistic accents. In the hallway, foyer, in the bedroom and even in your office; this would be a sure-fire focal point.

Modern Book Shelves

If you’ve got the wall space, find a shelf that has the room too. This crisp white wall makes the perfect foundation for a larger display and organizational piece. Fit boo-coos of books and even some other nick-knacks right inside for easy access and contemporary style.

Modern Book Storage Piece

Maybe you just have a small collection of prized books, then find a piece that lets you display them with class and easy. This chic, clean-edged find can fit into any nook and cranny throughout your home or apartment … or even a dorm room! How amazing would some classic, leather-bound books be sitting on this sophisticated design?

Modern Book Display

Another great piece if you’re lacking in space is this genius bookshelf – that you can also store some of your CD albums on as well. They’ll float on the wall and blend into any modern design scheme, even those with a more masculine, industrial edge.

Modern Book Shelf

For something a bit more delicate and that holds a feminine touch, install some glass shelves. It’s still very sophisticated and fashion-forward and you’ll also be getting a “floating” illusion as seen by its predecessor. We also love how these type of shelves can be installed in any larger space of the house from the living room to the hallway.

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Super Slick, Modern Book Storage