Super Modern Sofas : “Pebbles” from Cappellini of Italy

Here is one of the most interesting super modern sofas I have seen in a while from the Swedish design team of Martin Claesson, Eero Kolvisto, and Ola Rune. The eye-catching Pebbles Sofa release from Cappellini of Italy, lives up to their tradition of cutting edge ultra modern furniture that manages to defy trends. The Pebbles Sofa features an optional backrest that floats and swivels above the base of metal padded in multi-density polyurethane foam, covered in a bi-elastic fabric with feet and swivel mechanism in chromed metal. PB/6 Sofa $4628 94 1/2×63 x14 1/2 h PB/3 Back Rest $1552 59 3/4×29 1/2×11 h

Super Modern Sofas : "Pebbles" from Cappellini of Italy
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