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Kälin and Lehner Welcome Visitors with All-in-One Houseguest Kit

houseguest kit

Industrial design graduates Luzia Kälin and Nicole Lehner brought a clever concept to life for their thesis project while studying at Swiss University FHNW Gestaltung & Kunst.  The “Stay At My Home” series includes an arrangement of temporary furniture for overnight guests perfect for the host or hostess who doesn’t have a fold-out couch or guest room to accommodate them.  The series encompasses a roll-up foam mattress, pillow, sheet, lamp, rug and lightweight end table with a removable drawer doubling as a nightstand when removed; the items all tuck into a tidy little corner stand when not in use.   The drawer, once emptied of the fresh bedding inside, is intended to contain the guest’s belongings while they sleep. According to Kälin and Lehner, “the series simplifies having guests and therefore supports hospitality – a very important virtue in a globalized world.”

houseguest welcome kit

guestroom essentials

guestroom kit

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