15 Cool and Decorative Table Lamp Ideas for a Living Room

Building a stylish and comfortable home is all about setting the scene. You start with color, progress with furniture, think about light and then add the details and decorative accessories. The latter two being ever-so-important to the foundation of the vision. From how your windows and light fixtures make the room dance to the way those accessories fit inside a particular space, it all has to come together to fill and transform a room into exactly what you need and want it to be. Today, we’re showing off 15 cool and decorative table lamp ideas for a living room. We’ll guide you into finding just the right choice for your home!

contemporary living room table lamp

This room is settled in contemporary chicness but built with a masculine and almost “untouchable” nature with the harsh lines and organic material. This design fits in quite nicely with its soft approach that doesn’t overwhelm the natural light source and it’s sharp, pointed fixture that plays off the rest of the accessories in the room.

beautiful bloom table lamp

If you’re feeling like your living room may need a funky, artistic touch you’ll need to take a good peek at these geometric beauties. They would fit quite nicely into a black and white scene or compliment a vibrant space with its timeless color combo. There’s two ways to use this one as well, opened and closed, for an even more interesting look.

Clover industrial table lamp

Who doesn’t love an Edison syle? And with this tabletop feature you can bring this trending statement right into your home and off the ceilings. We love the golden tones and intricate nature of the bulb itself. This piece would fit nicely inside a eclectic room or one with a more industrialized overall vision.

table lamp ideas for a living room

If you’re looking for something simple and sweet, take a peek at this set of black table lamps. They give extra height and interesting to the focal wall of the room but they’re also subtle and slick, not taking away from the bigger features of the room, instead they merely compliment and provide function and balance.

cool and modern table lamp design

We are completely swooning over these charming pieces. Normally, you’d see the most design in the top half of a fixture, or where the light shines – instead these table lamps have been given “legs” for a surprising and completely delicate bit of style.

living room lighting ideas

Although we love the hanging type, today we’re all about the table version here and this one in particular sure knows how to make a splash in the most subtle of ways. Blending in with its background but still creating a beautiful scene, this bulking, yet elegant lamp was made to accent and delight.

decorative gold table lamp

This piece looks just like a piece of art, don’t you think? Take off the shade and this could be sitting in an art gallery somewhere and we’d never know the difference, which is also a reason why we have fallen completely, head-over-heels in love with the design. It’s fresh, it’s beautiful but it’s also very sophisticated and meant to please throughout a more formal living room.

Jeeves table lamp design shaped like a hat

For a personalized touch to your living room, add this black, bowler hat. At first glance, it will deceive the eye, but once your guests notice their mistake, it’ll become a funky little focal and conversational piece! It’s perfect for smaller end tables or behind the sofa!

Leon Table Lamp

Sleek, smooth with a sophisticated and artistic presence, this style is for those rooms with a very contained and precise vision. We believe that a matching set to balance out a sharp-edged sofa would look interesting and cool under a sea of hazy grays, as well. It’ll definitely give off a modern yet relaxing ambiance.

ornate table lamp in living room

One of the more traditional and homey of choices, this design definitely has an interesting yet old-age spirit happening. There’s texture, bits of color but an otherwise vintage style that cannot be ignored. And we think it looks perfect sitting beside the most comfy, leather couch we’ve seen in a while.

orange table lamp shades

Here’s another example of a pair of matching table lamps that give balance to a room. If you have a matching set of end tables or a longer sofa table that needs the accent, make sure you buy two. Again, this is a more traditional style overall, but it fits in well with this cozy, yet lbright living area.

original design metal table lamp

And here’s another example of a beautiful piece of art and function! Fit for a modern vision, this silver piece was made to be seen and used on a daily basis. We love its feminine essence but we love its chic and refined flair even more so. Now envision this accent in a room filled with neutral, futuristic style.

small accent cordless table lamps for living room

Like these pieces for example, although they’d easily fit into a more traditionally and neutrally styled living room, these shape gives it an extra, personalized pop.

square table lamp

Another set that is perfect for balancing out the setting but this time with a more zen and feminine appeal. We love the texture and shape of these pieces and we love how they balance and blend into this creamy room. It’s definitely a space made for relaxing but it’s also a space that was made for showing off a bit of personal style too.


You’ll definitely make your guests talk with this golden piece. So, it may not be the most family-oriented or family-friendly of choices, but if you have a formal living room, no children and looking for something extremely unique – this design may be exactly what you’ve been looking for all along for a surprising bout of masculine charm and chic styling.

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15 Cool and Decorative Table Lamp Ideas for a Living Room
Today, we're showing off 15 cool and decorative table lamp ideas for a living room. We'll guide you into finding just the right choice for your home!