Take your kitchen up a notch with Sub Zero appliances

Some day it will be my day where I will completely renovate my kitchen and upgrade to Sub Zero appliances. Similar to what you see in the picture, I will have a wall of cool stainless look that invites me in to cook or just grab a beverage out of the refrigerator. If your kitchen looked like this, I bet that at your next party, this would be the most popular room. Interior design trends continue to favor more spacious kitchens with higher end equipment. Another thing that I like about companies like Sub Zero and Wolf is that they can work with you on a custom design. As I browsed around the internet while developing this article I saw some fantastic designs. The Sub Zero website has some great samples of their work along with an interactive feature that lets your really look closely at the detail. If you are looking for some ideas, their website is certainly worth a glance.

appliances from sub zero