Tea Range Lamp Collection Shows How Much You Appreciate Tea

Those of you that happen to fashion a cup of tea on a regular basis might consider expanding their passion to tea-based lamps. That’s right, there’s a way to dream about even more tea, simply hang those lamps in the Tea Range lamp collection in various rooms or spread them around on various tables to light your day and remind you of your favorite beverage. The Tea Range collection is comprised of various Tea-friendly lamps” the Teapot, the Tea Cup and the Saucer lamps, and while the Teapot is available only in pendant lamps versions the Tea Cup and Saucer lamps can be purchased both in pendant and table versions. The question is, would everyone else in your home enjoy these tea-based lamps as much as you do?

Tea Range Lamps Collection 1.jpg
Tea Range Lamps Collection 2.jpg

Tea Range Lamps Collection 3.jpg
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