The Belgravia Chair by Riva 1920: Functional Beauty

There’s something about a chair that envelopes you that makes you want to sit on it all day. The Belgravia chair by Riva 1920 is one such chair. Designed by Davide and Maurizio Riva, it is an innovative furniture piece worth having in any home. The chair’s most notable quality is its seat which is shaved as thin as possible yet remains structurally sound and rigid. While it is sculpted by organic lines, it still follows human ergonomics. It is a multi-functional furniture piece perfect for design enthusiasts and homeowners alike.


The Belgravia Chair by Riva 1920: Functional Beauty

hardwood seat


Thanks to its lovely design, the Belgravia chair by Riva 1920 can be used for different purposes. You can use it as a dining seat, a home office seat, or an unconventional office seat. It is created from solid wood and has a unique backrest which slims down its entire structure. Its gorgeous design creates angles that will capture the attention of anyone who walks into your home. This chair showcases form and function at its very best. You’ll love its traditional material, thin structure, unconventional design, and strong resistance.


Belgravia chair

functional design



Our need to rest and refresh our bodies, minds, and spirits is timeless. The Belgravia chair offers supreme comfort and will give you all the rest you need. It oozes a relaxed vibe perfect for enjoying the indoors and looks great in any room. Get several chairs and create the perfect dining room setting or get a single piece and adorn your living room in a unique way.


Can you picture the Belgravia in your home?