The Best Toaster Oven With Convention And Defrost

How can we resist something that is called “The Best Toaster Oven?” Tall claims? Maybe, but in all fairness any appliance that can help us whip up delicious installments of chicken, pizza, and cookies quickly, does get our attention. Described by The Wall Street Journal as capable of doing “just about everything we use the oven for,” the Toaster Oven’s maintains a constant cooking temperature and has nine settings–designed for specific foods (pizza, bagel, cookies). The 1800-watt oven broils, cooks with convection, and defrosts at the touch of a button and the oven also features an easy-to-read LCD. Available on Hammacher for $249.95, the Best Toaster Oven can also accommodate a 12″ pizza or six pieces of toast. Yum!




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