The Colorful & Modern Voila Coffee Table from Bonaldo

Show off your fun side with the modern Voila Coffee Table from Bonaldo.  Italian designer Max Piva combined his educated eye for art, design, and photography to fashion a bold new twist on an old living room centerpiece: the coffee table.  Inspired by a touch of origami, this graceful piece sits perched up on its corners as if it was weightless.


The Colorful & Modern Voila Coffee Table from Bonaldo

colorful Voila coffee table


The smooth form can hold your gaze, folding over itself endlessly like a set of the famous Penrose stairs that continue indefinitely.  A trick of the eye, known in the art world by the French term “trompe d’oeil,” Piva’s design playfully keeps you guessing.  The Voila Coffee Table  rests lightly in the center of a room as if, like the origami crane, it could soar off in an instant.


small accent furniture

modern coffee unit


Modern materials enhance its expressiveness.  In Plexiglass, the transparent plastic in saturated tones give the design a burst of vivacious color and force: crystal clear, smoke gray, fire orange, lemon drop yellow, or sapphire blue.  This piece will take your living room and your attention by force.  In a material that defies gravity even more and highlights the purest geometrical forms, the silk-smooth sheet metal version is offered in matt white, anthracite grey, and dove grey.  A table that emphasizes texture and shape over color and subtly recalls the lines of a sleek jet aircraft with all the same gravity-defying grace as the Voila table.  In any form, this table will steal your breath and your first impression when you enter the room.


Where will the Voila coffee table take you?