The Foolproof Gift for Unexpected Guests: 7 Luxe Decorative Candles

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Decorative Designer Candle Set by Diptyque

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We all know that instant wave of guilt and dread that washes over us when we realize an unexpected guest has arrived at our holiday party, and although they were thoughtful enough to bring a host or hostess gift, we’ve got nothing to give them in return.  To the rescue: today’s roundup of high-end designer decorative candles made from luxurious materials with fragrances that will soothe and inspire rather than offend.  Any old candle or home fragrance is one thing, but the collection presented here stands above the rest, hailing from designer brands and giving you the opportunity to gracefully welcome new friends into your home with one of life’s little luxuries.

The Foolproof Gift for Unexpected Guests: 7 Luxe Decorative Candles




bamboo scented candles




designer candles




designer verbena candle




blue Anthropologie candle




Tocca candles




designer scented candles


Several selections found at Anthropologie.