The Herman Miller Office Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, 1994


The Herman Miller Office Chair


When designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick set out to create a chair that was positive for your health. Able to adjust for all positions, include provisions for all shapes and sizes, and environmentally designed with longevity in mind, they produced something, unlike the world, has ever seen.  

Here was a chair designed with long lasting material innovation, future proof ergonomics and comfort for all without the standard use of foam, fabric or leather. This Aeron Chair changed the way people looked at what an office chair should be and in doing so have created a place in history.

With the invention of computers, there are now far more people who now spend most of their working hours behind a desk in an uncomfortable office chair. Due to this quality desk-bound lifestyle, more people are becoming overweight and out of shape and develop other poor health problems.

This lifestyle of sitting in an office chair every day 5 days a week is a new arena of problems both personal and for the country due to health issues that later follow from the use of poorly designed office chairs which cause back and neck pains, and overall body pains throughout the day from bad posture.


Listed below are some guidelines that may help you to select the right office chair, therefore reducing body aches, stiffness, and pains.

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair has done all of this for you and is the chair recommended by almost all major companies where staff spend the majority of their working day sat in an office chair at a desk with a computer.


Back Support

Your new chair should provide adequate back support. The back support of the chair should also be adjustable to fit properly to your back.

The back support of the chair should remain the same as you move and recline in your chair.

A good office chair with proper back support will improve your posture and therefore eliminate or reduce back pain and stiffness.

Selecting an office chair without adequate back support can cause back problems that could stay with you your entire life.



The padding and design of the seat should be considered. The front of the seat should have a rounded edge. A straight horizontal front will cut off circulation on the backside of the knees.

A good tip is that you should be able to slide your fingers between the inside of legs and the front edge of the seat.


The width of the seat and armrests

You need to fit into the chair. If you have to squeeze into the chair then it does not fit, no matter how comfortable it may seem once you are seated.

There should be room between the armrests and your body. In addition, the armrests need to interact with the desk.

A good office chair will have adjustable armrests. What good are armrests if they are not useable or uncomfortable to use.

Quality armrests can help with tasks like reading and writing, and taking pressure and tension off the neck and shoulders.


Height Adjustments

People are not all the same height therefore, your office chair must have a good amount of height adjustment.

The specifications to adjust your office chair and to promote good posture are as follows: thighs should be horizontal to the ground while both feet are on the ground and wrists should be straight while typing.

If you cannot find an office chair height that allows both of the above, you may want to find a way to alter the height of your keyboard so that you can have straight wrists while typing and your body is aligned properly with the chair and the floor.



Your chair must be stable. Your chair tipping over when you are in it is not funny. Serious and permanent injury can occur.

Look for a chair on wheels that swivels and a five-point base that will not flip you over on your head when you recline.

So, take the time you are out shopping for your new office furniture, take this article with you. Once you have decided on your new office chair, make sure it possesses all of the above features.

As mentioned earlier, a good office chair will improve posture and eliminate aches and pains.



What is PostureFit by Herman Miller

Herman Miller’s patented PostureFit provides back support at the base of your spine, or sacral region, helping your pelvis maintain a natural forward tilt to prevent slouching. By doing so, PostureFit keeps your spine in healthy alignment to help eliminate lower back pain.

Pelvic alignment can be reached in two ways. The first is by reclining, a chair increases the angle between the torso and thigh. The second way, in the case of an upright posture, is to stabilize the sacral-pelvic area to maintain a forward pelvic tilt.

PostureFit seating technology was developed as an optional addition for customers that buy an Aeron Chair. The o8ynmxAhLhDNJ4jfKJTOCQttsacral-pelvic support cooperates to contour the human body.

Even though there is a large variation in the location of people’s lumbar spine, there is a very small variation in the location of the sacral-pelvic area. The realization allowed single-sized back support for the Aeron chair.

The PostureFit design reduces fatigue and increases endurance by improving the natural spinal curvatures and muscle balance, whether reclining or sitting upright.

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair was designed in 1994. It is still recommended today. This goes to show just how brilliant this design was. It may not be cheap. But if you are looking for an office chair that is comfortable, healthy and will keep away the aches and pains you should seriously consider the Aeron office chair. There is no other….

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Herman Miller PostureFit

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Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair
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