The Illuminating Sunrise Sideboard from Bonaldo

Designer Gino Carollo produces yet another piece of furniture with a sense of practicality and versatility that is inextricably connected to its sense of style.  The Sunrise Sideboard from Bonaldo is good design made adaptable to any situation.  The concept of a buffet is an old one, but the Sunrise sideboard is no longer restricted to the dining room alone.  Use it in the dining room, living room, office, or hallway; this slender piece will reinvent itself wherever you decide to place it.


The Illuminating Sunrise Sideboard from Bonaldo


The Sunrise Sideboard has hi-tech styling in both its three- and four-door versions for spaces small and large.  The smooth design nearly camouflages its purpose as a cabinet, but don’t let Carollo’s cleverly flat shapes convince you that the sideboard won’t quickly become the most useful piece of furniture in your home.


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The lacquered wood is available in three neutral matte colors: snow white, anthracite grey, and quartz grey. The palette provides a clean slate of cabinets for prominently displaying decorative accents atop the raised wood frame.  Inside the deceptively spacious cabinets, you will find glass shelves for a clean, contemporary look even with the doors wide open.The Sunrise Light version of the sideboard includes a built-in light fitted into the visible compartment to illuminate the attractive, futuristic shape.  So simple, so adaptable, there is a place in your home just perfect for a designer storage solution.


Think outside the dining room with the Sunrise Sideboard: where will you use it?