The Only Inflatable Dog Shower Pet Accessory

Anyone who owns a dog will swear that it is a battle to give them a bath and usually its them who end up being more wet! The Only Inflatable Dog Shower seems to tackle this problem rather brilliantly and is the only dog shower that inflates in five minutes and d folds to only 24″ x 14″ for unobtrusive storage. The shower unit comes equipped with a a handheld shower-head with 7 different levels and the  52″-long hose allows you to easily wash a dog’s paws, underbody, and other hard-to-reach areas. Other features include; 21″-high walls,  a side panel unzips to provide easy access to the pet, and an integrated metal D-ring accommodates a leash.  The Only Inflatable Dog Shower can be purchased from Hammacher for $119.95.

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