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The Qube Portable Fireplace from Bio-Blaze

‘Tis the season to set the logs in the fireplace ablaze… but for those who don’t have a built-in chimney, Bio-Blaze offers a chic and urbane solution.  Its sleek line of indoor fireplaces looks perfectly at home in any urban loft or modern, open space; the Qube, in particular, is mesmerizing in its minimalism.  No installation is needed, and it emits no smoke odor, thanks to its panes of heat-resistant glass and bio-ethanol-fueled burners in between.  It features recessed wheels, too, so you can move it around to suit your needs and even tuck it away in warmer months.  The Qube includes a fuel funnel, a long-armed lighter and an extinguishing lever.  Dimensions: H 80 cm x W 80 cm x D 30 cm.  Available in black or white. $4525 from Bio-Blaze.

smokeless fireplace

portable biofuel fireplace

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