The Signs Mirror Collection Made Of Ceramic And Copper

It was once reported by the British newspaper Daily Mail, that the average woman spends around five days a year in front of the mirror. So no surprises then, that modern styles are fair as their users! The Signs Collection can be mistaken for an surrealistic art installation than an household object. The futuristic ally-styled mirror collection seeks inspiration from nautical flags and is broken into two parts: a base made of ceramic and a polished sheet of copper.

Designed by Jeremy Murier and Daniel Martinez, the collection is an arresting medley of perception, perspective and reflections. It also has a rare blend of beauty and theatricality, that emanates a sense of magical realism.

“The cylindrical bases are concave in order to extend the angle of the reflection and give the feeling that they are floating over it. This shape permits the use of the mirror as a little tray for jewels, keys…” says Murier.



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